Outpost Creations – Victoria

A great kit by Outpost Creations.  I did this for the painting class reference Wonderfest 2013

Simon Lee – Cthulhu Spawn

Picked this up from Simon at Monsterpalooza 2013.   Incredible design aesthetic as always….

Dominic Qwek “Rakshasha”

Beautifully nasty sculpt by Dom!

Anthony Watkins “Hooded”

Not only can Anthony do some sweet Dragons, but he can also turn out some creepy characters as well….


Cave Creature Bust

Bust done as a color study for the large scale kit….

Mountain Giant

Sculpted by Jake Corrick

Blackheart 1/1 Alien Warrior

Another beautiful piece by Blackheart Models.   This is designed to be hung on the wall.


Weird and wonderful piece.  Went with a cockroach color scheme for this one….

Hernandez Creature

Excellent design by Francisco Hernandez

Samurai Predator

My entry into the Jerseyfest 2013 “Predator” category.  This category was judged by Steve Wang himself, and I was fortunate enough to be chosen the winner.  One of my proudest moments…..